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Progress in Orthopedic Science ISSN: 2146 - 8370
Progress in Orthopedic Science. 2021; 7(1):(44-92)

A New Treatment Method for Chronic Knee Pain for the Elderly: Treating Inflammatory Immune Membranes as A New Medical Hypothesis

Ahed J Alkhatib


As age increases, people experience a wide scope of chronic diseases including chronic knee pain. The objective of this study was to introduce our new therapeutic approach for chronic knee pain. A ground powder of Urtica pilulifera was mixed with Vaseline to make a cream. Another part of the same powder was mixed with honey. For patients with knee pain, they applied Urtica pilulifera cream before sleeping and to wrapped it with the enveloping plastic over-night. This was applied for up to 10 days. The second part, Urtica pilulifera powder mixed with honey, was taken daily as a spoon in the morning and another spoon at the evening. This therapeutic approach was applied by 4 males (age range 70-84 years old), and 2 females (age range 72-80 years). All of them had chronic knee pain and movement limitations. After applying this new therapeutic approach, within 7 days, they restored better quality of life in terms getting rid of pain, and movement without pains. Taken together, our new therapeutic strategy for chronic knee pain was effective. We think that treating inflammatory immune membranes was the reason beyond the success of this treatment.